Little big heart (feat. Lesperado)

New Day (feat. Cameron Rendell)

My Land (Raccoon 3 Eyes)

The uninvited (feat. Lesperado)

Saw the light (feat. Dee)

El MUERTE (feat. Alexis Dimitriou & Kristy Dewar)

THE MIRACLE (feat. Alexis Dimitriou)

IN THE MACHINE (feat. Alexis Dimitriou)

WON'T LET YOU GO (feat. Alexis Dimitriou)

WORLD IS ON FIRE (feat. Alexis Dimitriou)

DEMOLITION MAN (feat. Thorsten Bertermann)

RAIN (feat. Noémie Leer)

MOON (feat Noemie Leer & Thorsten Bertermann)

Dreaming a nightmare

The night train (feat. Thorsten Bertermann)

Darksun (feat. Björn Finkler)

Sorry for that


U-turn to mars


Raise your voice (feat Elise Nunes)

Delayed to the world (feat stars united)


Head over heart