About me


Birthday: 20.03.1968
City of birth : Luxemburg

Played Guitar since 1984

Paint since 2009

and... picts...hmm since a long time... and still not..pro..lol

Favourite leisure activity:
Music, Football, Meeting friends and cooking

and paintings of course
Favourite TV-Show:
Heielei Kuckelei
Favourite books:
lol , the great escape ;-)
Favourite music:
John Petrucci,IQ, Riverside !!!!! absolutely top and much more
Favourite drink:
.. like a fish
Favourite meal:
very good question.. hmmm isn't it ?

At this time. some sweety's...

Favourite quotes:

There's nowhere I'd rather be, 'Cause no-one can mean more to me
In tenements racked against the wind, our desperation reined us in

You drifted so far out of range, I held on but everything changed
How can you be everywhere at once, but nowhere to be found?

Imagine all you could have been, eventually you would have seen
The wanderlust and all you dared to dream of, if ever you make one fatal mistake

You broke me, you have no idea - In darkness I see more than hear
Impossible, even I can say - Many would have walked away

A lifetime of living a lie -Like daylight shot out of the sky
So did the truth ever set you free? - Got nothing but that hold on me
- IQ -
"Nails on my hand from my creator,you gave me life so show me how to live..)

"Listen to many, speak to a few."
- William Shakespeare -

Meng Klasse Primaire Hollerech
Meng Klasse Primaire Hollerech
Blue Boys Millebach
Blue Boys Millebach