Brand new songs 2012/13

Ech Sin um Wee
Brand new song
Written & recorded by Gilles Zeimet
Ech sin um Wee.mp3
MP3 Audio Datei 3.5 MB
Vertical Smile - breath
One of my favorite songs I played with my last band "Vertical Smile"
03 Breath.mp4
MP3 Audio Datei 7.6 MB
Vertical Smile -Aeroplane
Most famous song with heavy airplay
05 Aeroplane.mp4
MP3 Audio Datei 8.5 MB
Vertical Smile - Waiting for the bus
Hmm at least not really one of my favorite songs I played...but the fans screamed for ;-)
02 Waiting At The Busstop.mp4
MP3 Audio Datei 6.6 MB
01 Instinct.mp4
MP3 Audio Datei 6.6 MB

The first classic song I composed some years ago.

My favorites from RIVERSIDE, actually...